Tuesday, March 11, 2014

CheeseCake Factory- Food Entry Take One

I keep itching to blog, but coming up with a specific theme/focus, blog name, logos is always an issue. Being consistent and updating the blog from time to time is definitely a whole different ball game all together. Especially when the unexpected interrupts our daily lives.
That being said I have always wanted to own a website more like a road map to where people can eat, find the best pictures or where not to go when it comes to food and hotels.

I find that I travel a lot, most times planned, the other times impromptu. One thing for sure, you're better off making a hobby or discovering your talent from what you enjoy doing. So what's the point of traveling and not documenting? or traveling and not informing people about the right places to eat or sleep. To cut the long story short, I decided to change this blog into a reviewing space where hotels and restaurants can be rated from my personal option or any blog visitors who have been permitted to blog.

No bias, no favoritism towards any place being reviewed by me.

Thankfully, my friend had her personal fat girl reveal herself today and all of a sudden she was craving more than she could even finish after four bites. So we decided to hit Cheesecake Factory (875 North Michigan Avenue) which is in Chicago by the way.

We went around 6pm and surprisingly it was full for a Monday evening. I couldn't really take pictures of the interior but the ceiling looked a little bit like this.

The ambience was very cool, calm and warming. People were dressed casually and were pretty much relaxed for the most part. After a 3 minutes wait, we were given a table. For starters, we had bread, brown bread of course :) (the 'diet' must go on eating out or not).

I'm not a lover of bread. Asides from the extra carbs, it's really not my thing. But this one! So soft, so spongy, so yummy with butter slapped all around it. I seriously can go on and on. If the brown bread was this good, I can't imagine what the white must taste like.

 It took us a couple of minutes to decide on what we wanted, I wanted seafood while my friend was craving pasta. Along side with the food came a heavy jug of milkshake, just like I like it, Strawberry and Chocolate mixed together with a decent amount of whipped cream whipped on top.

Tasted like SIN! Very unexplainable. It wasn't too sweet or too thick but very every sip my brain kept reading 'yum, add an extra mile to your cardio work out tomorrow'.

This was my food, I wanted something filling. This was more than enough. I made it extra spicy. This is the Jamaica Black Pepper Shrimp, I wanted something close to home and this is a usual cuisine for us in Africa. The plantain was soo legit. No sugar was added, it was just right! Fried, soft and sumptuous. The yellow colored things are pieced pineapples, they go well with the meal. For people who feel like eating something heavy or maybe feel like trying something different, this is it. Before I forget, you know how people order shrimp in restaurants and you end up getting 5/6? With this meal it is definitely, shrimp overload. Almost every scoop of the sauce, has shrimp in it. yum yum yum! Very Juicy. Here is a closer look: 

My friend, craving pasta got the Fettuccine Alfredo. If you're a lover of Cheese, this is a must have, when you visit here. Very creamy and satisfying.  
Medium spicy, Hot and dished with chicken and shrimp. 

You don't need a fat pocket to treat yourself here. Anything less than $40 to have a full meal. For the most part almost close to every dish is less than $20. 

A sample of their menu

Lovely end to my uneventful day. 
Looking like spring is coming sooner than expected. 

View of Chicago. An awesome summer is yet to come! 

Overall Ratings:
Service- 4.5 over 5
Food- 5 over 5 
Affordability: $$
Returning?: YES